• The Grill

    Contemporary Indian Cuisine.

    Come experience Creative Indian Cooking at its best


  • Martini Bar


    By the poolside, as the sun sets, the lights dim, candle lights come on, Lounge music and smoke fills the air.

  • The Difference

    Food-Our best seller

     Its simple but yet so different coz we blend indian recipes with new and fresh ingredients.

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    Cool, Relaxed, Different

    Probably the city’s best kept secret

  • The Menu

    The Menu


The food is Contemporary  Indian and gives  kebabs and curries new meaning. Lava is our signature Rooftop Grill. The  restaurant serves Indian food  with an international flair. Its not fusion cuisine, its Nouvelle Pan Indian. Like the Kerala salmon shrimp crab cakes, broccoli saag paneer, lamb burra  in cinnamon clove sauce or baby tandoori potatoes in burnt garlic and cheese.

Lava has a private dining room attached to it and a suspended bridge above the pool, which is a Sheesha Bar.Indian cuisine has come of age with renowned chefs who migrated to the west and toned down the use of oil, clarified butter and Indian spices, as well as introduced new ingredients, keeping the basic aroma and taste of the classical recipes intact.

Internationally Indian spices and techniques are being used more and more by master chefs and Indian cooks abroad are using global cooking methods and ingredients with Indian dishes.